Cold Plunge – The Edge Tub Legacy Review (2024)

The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge Tub

Ice baths are a proven way to improve performance, but they’re often inconvenient and require special equipment. They’re heavy, and once they’re in place, typically you can’t move them easily. The Edge Tub Legacy recovery ice bath may have solved that problem. This is our cold plunge bathtub review for you!

Finding an ice bath can be a real hassle as well. If you’re lucky enough to find one you can rent, you are assuming it has been cleaned appropriately after each use.

Are you trying to qualify for the Kona Ironman or race in the Boston Marathon and find yourself at a remote location for a race? You could use an outdoor location to submerge your body, but that might be dangerous and not even cold enough to promote the benefits of cold water immersion therapy.

Note: We also reviewed the larger Edge Tub Elite XL for you to read about as well. Also, this tub made its way into our list of best portable cold plunges.

Cold Plunge - The Edge Tub Legacy Review (2024)

Our Take

We love the portability aspect of this tub. And it comes with a great motor that will cool the water down to 37 degrees in just 5 hours. With its great looks and powerful motor, it’s perfect for athletes.

4.7 out of 5
Best ForAthletes. People who travel.
DiscountUse code “IRACE” for a $150 discount

What is an Ice Bath?

A brief immersion in cold water is known as a “cold plunge” or “ice bath”, which is a form of shock therapy. The entire body (up to the neck) must be immersed in extremely cold temperatures to have the optimal effect. This benefit cannot be achieved by simply taking cold showers.

It is believed that cold immersion will promote blood flow and lessen inflammation. This benefit can’t be replicated with just a cold shower. Cold plunging and the shock to your body temperature provide mental and physical benefits. This assertion is supported by certain scientific data, and the once-alternative therapy has been rising in acceptance.

A tub of ice water has traditionally been used for cold plunges, but they can also be performed in a chilly pool or barrel. The idea is to use ice or a cold plunge chilling unit to get the water as cold as possible. Many people who have tried this therapy report that it is at first unpleasant but that it soon becomes bearable.

There are options for how you design your home ice bath setup. Whatever you choose, having your own ice bath is sanitary and convenient.

What is The Edge Cold Plunge Tub?

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub is the solution to your ice bath woes. This inflatable tub is a lightweight and portable cold tub that you can take with you anywhere. It is insulated to keep the water cold, and the chilling motor is one of the most powerful on the market. It can cool the water a remarkable 10-12 degrees per hour and keep it as cold as 37 degrees for as long as you want.

Note – the motor that comes with this tub only cools the water. You will need to upgrade to the deluxe motor if you wish to heat the water as well. That motor can heat the water up to 105 degrees. The larger Edge Tub Elite XL comes with the upgraded motor.

Who Created the Edge Tub?

The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge
Cousins Rob and Joshua Church

Cousins Rob and Joshua Church discovered the healing powers of cold water therapy while training for their first Ironman triathlon together.

After building a cold tub in their garage and using it every day while training, they quickly became addicted to the cold and obsessed with sharing this secret weapon with others.

The Edge Tub is a creation of Edge Theory Labs.

What Are the Health Benefits of Ice Baths and The Edge Tub?

Ice baths have many benefits, such as:

1- Stress Relief

The sympathetic nervous system is forced to release hormones into the body when one takes a cold plunge. According to studies, this hormone release considerably enhances outlook and mood. People who are depressed claim to have a higher quality of life. Studies have shown that cold therapy can be used as a temporary adjuvant treatment for mood and anxiety disorders.

2- Reduced Inflammation

Who hasn’t applied ice to a sore area of their body? Cold plunges reduce edema and inflammation brought by constricting blood vessels to overworked and injured muscles. In addition to numbing the nearby nerve terminals, the cold has pain-relieving properties.

Studies have revealed that following a cold plunge, glutathione levels rise. Antioxidant glutathione is able to prevent crucial cellular components from damage.

If you’re training for a half marathon or another race, you may benefit from an ice bath.

3- Strengthened Immune System

The cold water of an ice bath forces the body to release cytokines. Cytokines affect the growth of all blood cells and other cells that help with immune responses, as well as help boost anti-cancer activity by sending signals which can make abnormal cells die out while normal ones live longer!

4- Improved Circulation

Cold therapy is a great way to energize your body. The autonomic nervous system, which controls functions like heart rate and breathing, will be stronger after each exposure because it helps stabilize blood pressure and improve circulation. This can improve your ability to endure running in extremely hot temperatures.

Best Features of The Edge Tub Legacy

The Edge Cold Plunge Legacy Tub is a great solution for anyone looking for an easy and convenient way to take cold plunges. This inflatable tub can be set up anywhere in just minutes, and it’s portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. Below is a list of some of our favorite features.

1) Portability

The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge

The sturdy inflatable design is built for permanent installation or portability. It only takes 15 minutes to set up or take down, so can take it with you to your next event, race, or adventure!

2) Powerful Motor

The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge
The .8 HP motor is 3x as powerful as some competitors

This cold plunge tub comes with a .8 HP motor that can cool the water in just a few hours. This motor is up to 3x as powerful as some of the other cold plunge tubs on the market.

NOTE – Read our list of the best water chiller for cold plunge tubs.

3) Cold Plunge Anytime

The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge

The motor cools down to 37 degrees. Most cold plunge motors can’t get the temperature that low. This motor is highly versatile and you have twice the options as most cold plunge tubs. This is an awesome cold plunge solution for you.

4) Rugged Construction

The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge
Rock solid once inflated

While this is an inflatable tub, it’s not delicate. It’s made out of the same material as a stand-up paddle board or commercial boat. It is rock-hard when inflated and will support an adult male sitting on the side of it without any sag whatsoever.

5) Good looks

The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge
The Edge Tub is only 25 lbs when deflated

The Edge Tub looks great. It has a modern and sleek appearance while being uber-functional.

6) 2-Step Filtration System

The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge
The Edge Tub is meant to go anywhere you choose

Water maintenance is a breeze with the built-in 2-step water filtration system and non-chlorine-based sanitizer. The 20-micron filter ensures that any foreign contaminants are removed prior to entering the unit and the high-flow water pump fully circulates the water every 15 minutes.

All that is required is adding Oxidizer, testing the Sanitizer level weekly, and replacing the filter about once per month depending on usage. Included in the purchase of your tub is a 4-month maintenance kit with 4 filters, a bottle of Oxidizer, and a bottle of Sanitizer.

7) WiFi Controllable

The Chiller connects to WiFi and can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. This includes customizable programming that allows the tub to turn on and off at preprogrammed times or change from cold to hot mode so you can take a cold plunge in the morning and a hot tub in the evening (or after the completion of a big race)!

The Edge Tub Pricing

$3,990- Tub and Chiller/Heater
(Special for iRace – Get $150 off your Edge Tub purchase with code: IRACE).

The Edge Tub Pros and Cons

Let’s list out the Pros and Cons in order to see the full product scope.

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub Pros

  • Portability is the biggest benefit here with easy setup and takedown.
  • Powerful chiller unit motor cools water quickly.
  • Good filtration system.
  • Wifi-enabled to remotely control the unit.
  • The cost is extremely competitive. It’s not a cheap cold plunge solution or inexpensive cold plunge tub, but it is a good value. You get what you pay for.
The Edge Tub - Portable Cold Plunge

With its portability and hot or cold options, the Edge Tub is ideal for endurance athletes.

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub Cons

  • The tub is slightly smaller than some permanent ice bath options. Dimensions are 53.15″L x 31.5″W x 23.6″H.
  • The white exterior may show signs of use depending on the environment used.
  • The motor does not heat like many competitors. You need to purchase the upgraded motor for that functionality.

While not small, the overall tub size is slightly smaller than other permanent tubs (although not anywhere near the smallest). If you are an extremely large person, this might be something you think about.

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub Alternatives

We’ve listed out some alternatives here and more cold plunge tub reviews. Read the plunge tub reviews to find out what cold plunge model is right for you. There are options to build an ice barrel or cold plunge pool yourself with a plastic trash can and a bag of ice. Some people are using a chest freezer for their ice bathing also. Those DIY ice bath options can work but are not portable, and often lack the water sanitation and filtration solutions that the Edge cold dip tub provides.

Conclusion: Should You Buy The Edge Cold Plunge Tub?

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy and convenient way to take cold plunges. This inflatable tub can be set up anywhere in just minutes, and it’s portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. Buying this model shows the world that you are a cold plunge pro and that you mean business.

This tub is fantastic for athletes who travel to races, and who want to expedite their recovery after a hard workout. If this is you, The Edge Cold Plunge Tub might be perfect for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cold bath as good as an ice bath?

No, for a few reasons. Ice baths involve immersing oneself in extremely cold water, typically around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) or lower, whereas a cold bath generally refers to water that is cooler than normal but not as cold as ice baths. Ice baths are commonly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to aid in muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and promote overall healing. The intense cold temperature of an ice bath helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling more effectively compared to a regular cold bath.

What are the health benefits of ice baths?

Ice baths, also known as cold water immersion therapy or cold plunges, can offer several health benefits, including:

1. Reduced muscle soreness and inflammation.
2. Improved muscle recovery and repair.
3. Increased circulation and blood flow.
4. Enhanced immune system function.
5. Decreased swelling and edema.
6. Pain relief and alleviation of joint stiffness.
7. Improved mental well-being and mood.
8. Increased metabolism and calorie burning.
9. Potential reduction in exercise-induced oxidative stress.

Please note that ice baths may not be suitable for everyone, and it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating them into your routine.

Can you take an ice bath without ice?

Yes, if you have a chilling motor. This motor will chill the water in your cold plunge down to an appropriate temperature for cold water therapy.

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