7 Winter Endurance Sports To Improve Your Fitness In the Offseason

cross country skiing is one of the awesome winter endurance sports.

As an athlete, you know how important it is to stay in shape throughout the year. But with the cold weather and shorter days, it can be easy to relax too much during the offseason.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of winter endurance sports that will help you avoid burnout and stay in shape all year long. Think of this as your winter sports blog! From cross-country skiing to speed skating, these activities will keep you active and engaged during the offseason and will get you to the finish line faster when spring arrives.

Many of these sports are time-based, so make sure you read our review of the best triathlon watches if you need a new one!

Cross-Country Skiing

A great way to enjoy the winter scenery while getting some exercise

Cross Country Skiing is one of the most awesome winter endurance sports

Cross-country skiing is a great way to enjoy the winter scenery while getting some exercise. Although it may seem like a nice, relaxed ski down a gentle slope, it definitely gives your heart and strength a workout.

I spoke to a coach at the US Olympic Training Center once and she mentioned that some of the highest VO2 max readings are from the cross-country skiers. Even higher than Lance Armstrong after he won the cycling world championships. All that pushing, striding, and gliding across snowy terrain takes a lot of energy. It seems to create “top endurance sports monsters” of endurance.

Triathletes will benefit from cross-country skiing, regardless of the triathlon distances raced.

Cross Country Skiing will make you super fit

Every time you reach an incline you get an even greater burn in your legs. But experiencing the beauty of nature around you really makes it feel worth it. It’s quite an invigorating experience guaranteed to put a smile on your face and create lasting memories that will stay with you for years!

If you live in an area that does not have enough snow, try “roller skis“. These are what the professional athletes use in that situation and are shortened skis with wheels on them to mimic the same

Equipment needed

Read out guide to cross country ski gear here.


Stay active in the cold weather while trying to accurately shoot at targets

Biathlon racing is awesome but requires a specially dedicated facility to race and train at.

Biathlon is a truly unique sport, combining the heart-pumping intensity of skiing and the precision accuracy of shooting. It is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy some heart-healthy exercise during the cold winter months.

Racers during a shooting portion of a biathlon race.

Racing against the clock can be demanding, as it requires strength to power through long ski legs and quickness in order to reload and fire rifles with precision and accuracy during just a few short seconds between laps.

Biathlon racing is a combination of cross-country skiing and marksmanship.

Whether you’re competing in an organized event or simply challenging yourself amidst stunningly beautiful natural surroundings, biathlon is an exhilarating workout that’s sure to keep your heart racing no matter how cold it may be outside!

This particular sport is definitely one you only want to participate in at an organized facility. Don’t go out cross-country skiing with your high-powered rifle in the woods. That would not be cool.

Equipment needed

  • cross country skis
  • cross country ski boots
  • cross country ski poles
  • biathlon rifle – this is a special .22 caliber rifle that is specifically designed for the sport.

Speed Skating

A great cardio workout that will also help build muscle

Apolo Ohno knew the physical benefits from speed skating.
Apolo Ohno was the master at short-track speed skating

Speed skating is an awesome cardio workout that will not only get your heart rate up but also help build strength and speed at the same time. With strength training becoming increasingly important in fitness goals, speed skating should be considered a great way to work on your strength while having fun.

Endurance athletes will enjoy this sport and reap the benefits it has to offer. Marathon runners can benefit from this impact-free sport as it saves their knees while taxing their quads.

A lot of muscles similar to cycling are used such as the quads and lower back. The training can be intense and endurance athletes have a chance to excel while away from their summer sports.

Long-distance speed skating is a great winter endurance sport.
Longer distance speed skating is the true endurance workout. Your legs will hate you.

Long-track races will greatly improve your winter fitness and are probably the better endurance sports choice as it taxes your aerobic capacity the most. Distances such as 1,500 meters, 3,000 meters, 5,000 meters, and 10,000 meters are the longest offered. The oval track is 400 meters (similar to a running track), so it’s roughly four laps per mile.

Not only will you feel ready to take on any challenge that comes your way, but you’ll also get the strength and speed boost you’ve been looking for.

Equipment needed

  • speed skates. Could probably be rented.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Increase Strength And Stamina

Indoor rock climbing can be used as a winter endurance sports training.

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to increase your strength and stamina during the winter months. It’s a phenomenal plyometric workout that can radically improve your muscle strength while keeping you lean.

It also tests your mental abilities as you attempt to problem-solve and find ways of making it up the wall.

Indoor rock climbing helps build all over strength that can be used during the summer months.

There are typically a variety of climbs suited for all levels – from beginners to experts – so it’s easy to find something that works with your skill level while still challenging yourself at each climb. Plus, since most indoor rock gyms offer classes and sessions with experienced climbers, you can learn proper technique while picking up tips on advanced routes or tricks that will help take your skills to the next level.

Bouldering can be doe all year round
Bouldering is good if you don’t like heights

If you don’t like heights, try indoor bouldering. You won’t get more than a few feet above the ground while improving muscle strength in the process. Make this an endurance sport by seeing how long you can continually climb.

You will enter the Spring training with increased strength and flexibility that will prove beneficial to any training program! A bonus to rock climbing is that your family can do it with you!

Equipment needed

  • climbing shoes
  • indoor climbing gym membership or day pass

Snowshoe Long Distance Running

It’s like running but in deep snow

Snowshoe racing is a phenomenal winter endurance sport.

Snowshoe running is a unique winter sport that tests one’s endurance and running ability. It requires tackling the snowy terrain while wearing snowshoes designed to move through the snow with ease and prevent you from sinking too deeply in the process.

Snowshoe racing is similar to traditional running, just on snow, adding an exciting new dimension to running in the winter months. You will probably wear your typical trail running shoes strapped into the snowshoes. After a little bit of practice, you’ll be running like you normally do, except on snow.

You'll wear your normal trail running shoes in snowshoes

There are actual marathon races dedicated to this sport, and it obviously is more popular in extremely snowy locations.

Whether looking for a leisurely jog through snow-filled hills or amping up adrenaline levels by competing against other racers, snowshoe running is an ideal way for runners to abandon their sneakers for exciting winter fun!

Equipment needed

  • snowshoes

Cyclocross Racing

Test your speed and agility on off-road terrain

Cyclocross racing will make you suffer like you've never suffered before.

The French created Cyclocross in 1902, and it has attracted athletes who love pain ever since. I have personally never hurt so much in any sport as I have in this sport.

Cyclocross racing is a great way to test your strength, speed, and agility all in one go. This sport is very intense as it combines elements of mountain biking and running, except on a bike that resembles more of a road bike. There are obstacles such as sand pits, mud pits, stairs, barriers, and logs that all need to be navigated while riding through the course. There is very little time to recover and little to no places to coast. It’s an all-out suffer-fest for the entire race (typically between 30 and 90 minutes).

Cyclocross racing requires you to carry your bike or bunny hop over barriers during this winter endurance sport.

It’s a great workout for upper body strength as well as leg power – you’ll have to get off the bike frequently to carry it up any inclines or over any hurdles.

The races are typically held in every possible weather condition. It’s more common to see the athletes caked in mud after each race, along with a giant smile. Cyclocross athletes really do love the sport.

Cyclocross racing will get you muddy, and in amazing shape.

If you’re looking for an exciting new challenge this winter that will keep you feeling fit and energized, then Cyclocross Racing is definitely worth trying out. These races are short in distance, but they will really benefit your long-distance cycling skills on the road in the summer.

Also, check out gravel racing.

Equipment needed

  • cyclocross bike or mountain bike

Cross-Country Running

Not specifically a winter sport, but one you can still focus on in the winter months

Focusing on running is an awesome winter endurance sports decision.

If you’re like me, you spend most of your time on the bike during the summer months. But when the winter comes, running can bring on a fresh focus and excitement. The summer heat really slows me down, so winter brings an opportunity to improve my running speed without sweating profusely.

Winter endurance sports running is peaceful and serene.

I love incorporating cross-country running during the winter since the leaves and bugs are gone, and I can run through the woods with a small amount of snow on the ground.

In the winter, your risk of becoming dehydrated is much less along with other temperature-related issues. A winter challenge of a bucket list marathon or other distance can really boost your confidence level and have you hit new running goals. Check out our simple half-marathon training plan and sign up for one!

Striving to hit a higher pace in a marathon during the coming summer is a great motivational tool as well. Training and racing in trail races during the winter months is a great way to improve your running to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

This is also a great environment to try out new running shoes or new running insoles.

Equipment needed

Check out the article on trail running gear for more information.


Cross-country skiing, biathlon, speed skating, snowshoe racing, indoor rock climbing, and running are all great ways to stay active in the winter. They’re also great calisthenics workouts and Tabata workouts that will help build muscle. If you want a real challenge, participate in a HYROX race in the off-season to really dominate in the springtime. So get out there and enjoy the winter scenery while getting your heart pumping.

Winter is also a great time to begin working to improve your body with outside activities like the Wim Hof method.

And if you have any favorite winter activities we didn’t mention, let us know in the comments below!

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