Cold Plunge – The Edge Tub Elite XL Review (2024)

The Edge Tub Elite XL review

If you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance with ice baths, you know how inconvenient they can be. They require special equipment that’s heavy and hard to move. Finding a clean ice bath to rent can be a real challenge.

But there’s good news: The Edge Tub Elite XL may be the solution you’ve been looking for. This massive tub makes cold water immersion therapy more accessible and convenient than ever before. Whether you’re training for a race in a remote location or just looking to enhance your athletic performance, the Edge Tub Elite XL could be the game-changer you need.

Note – this tub made its way into our list of best portable cold plunges.

Cold Plunge - The Edge Tub Elite XL Review (2024)

Our Take

This Edge Theory Labs tub has everything we could want along with the most powerful motor available. You can use it as a cold plunge or hot tub and it looks great as well. It’s a great tub for athletes and is priced competitively.

4.9 out of 5
Best ForAthletes. People who travel. Athletic Teams.
DiscountUse code “IRACE” for a $150 discount

What is an Ice Bath?

If you’re looking for a natural and effective way to boost blood flow, reduce inflammation, and improve mental well-being, consider taking an ice bath! Unlike cold showers, the practice of immersing your whole body (neck included) in icy-cold water, known as a “cold plunge” or “ice bath,” provides a unique and intense sensory experience that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

According to scientific research, ice baths (aka cold plunges) can offer a range of physical and mental benefits that cannot be replicated by other methods. Traditionally, cold plunges have been taken in tubs of ice water, but they can also be performed in outdoor pools or special chilling units. Although initially uncomfortable, many people who have tried this therapy report that it becomes bearable over time.

If you’re interested in trying ice baths, you have options for designing a setup at home that is both sanitary and convenient. Join the growing number of people who swear by this alternative therapy and discover the revitalizing effects of icy-cold water on your body and mind today!

What is The Edge Cold Plunge Elite XL Tub?

Introducing the Edge Cold Plunge Tub – the ultimate solution to your ice bath troubles.

This inflatable tub is lightweight and easily transportable, allowing you to take it anywhere you go. It’s also insulated to keep the water cold, with a powerful chilling motor that can lower the temperature by an impressive 10-12 degrees per hour and maintain it at a frigid 37 degrees – perfect for a refreshing dip after a tough workout.

But here’s the kicker: the same motor can also heat up the water, making the Edge Tub Elite XL a versatile hot tub that can heat up to 105 degrees.

Stay cool or warm up with the Edge Cold Plunge Elite XL Tub – your new portable oasis.

Who Created the Edge Tub Elite XL?

The Edge Tub Elite XL founders
Cousins Rob and Joshua Church

Discovering the restorative properties of cold water therapy during their first Ironman triathlon training, cousins Rob and Joshua Church built a cold tub in their garage and used it daily. Their passion for the benefits of cold therapy spurred them on to develop the first Edge Cold Plunge Tub, and form their new company Edge Theory Lab.

The Elite XL is the latest product of their company.

What Are the Health Benefits of Ice Baths and The Edge Tub?

Ice baths have many benefits, such as:

1- Reduce Stress

Taking a cold plunge can release hormones that significantly enhance your outlook and mood? Recent studies have shown that this natural “stress relief” technique can even improve the quality of life for those who may be struggling with depression or anxiety disorders.

Learn how cold therapy can become a powerful addition to your self-care routine and provide temporary relief from mood swings and anxiety.

The sympathetic nervous system is forced to release hormones into the body when one takes a cold plunge. According to studies, this hormone release considerably enhances outlook and mood. People who are depressed claim to have a higher quality of life. Research indicates that cold therapy may temporarily alleviate mood and anxiety disorders. Discover the benefits of cold therapy as a potential treatment for stress relief.

2- Reduced Inflammation

You know how you apply ice to a sore spot on your body? That’s because cold temperatures can help reduce swelling and inflammation in overworked or injured muscles by constricting blood vessels. Plus, the numbing effect helps relieve pain.

Recent studies have found that after taking a cold plunge, the body’s levels of glutathione increase. This powerful antioxidant can prevent damage to important cellular components.

3- Boosted Immune System

Take an ice bath to stimulate the release of cytokines in your body. These cytokines promote better immune responses by influencing the growth of blood and other cells in your body.

Additionally, they can help fight cancer by signaling abnormal cells to die out while protecting healthy ones. Strengthen your immune system today with this simple yet effective technique.

4- Improved Circulation

Cold therapy is an effective tool to strengthen your autonomic nervous system, which regulates crucial functions such as heart rate and breathing. Each exposure helps to stabilize blood pressure and enhance blood flow – leading to improved circulation and a refreshed feeling.

Best Features of The Edge Tub Elite XL

This innovative inflatable tub offers a quick and painless setup, allowing you to take a refreshing plunge in just minutes. Best of all, it’s portable so you can bring it along on all your adventures. Check out some of the exciting features of this fantastic product below.

1) It’s completely Portable

The edge tub elite XL

With a design that’s both strong and inflatable, this product can be installed permanently or taken with you on the go. It’s incredibly easy to set up and disassemble, taking only 15 minutes, making it perfect for events, races, and outdoor excursions.

2) Very Powerful Motor

The edge tub elite XL chiller unit
The 1 HP motor is 4x as powerful as some competitors

This tub is equipped with a 1 HP motor that can rapidly cool the water in just a few hours. This motor packs up to 4 times more power than other cold plunge tubs available in the market. You’ll do less waiting and more soaking.

You can chill the water down to 37 degrees or heat it up to 105 degrees in under 3 hours. While running, the chiller unit is roughly 65 decibels from 3 feet away and seems to provide consistent water temperature during operation.

The downside to this power is the weight. It is 78 pounds. It has wheels, but consider this weight if you need to lift it into your car.

NOTE – Read our list and how this compares with the best water chiller for cold plunge tubs.

3) It’s Huge

The Edge Tub Elite XL is huge

Some tubs force you to crouch down in order to get your shoulders submerged. The Edge Tub Elite XL allows you to spread out comfortably and can fit a person up to 7′ tall. It can fit multiple average-sized people in it making it great for families or teams.

The edge tub elite XL dimensions

The external dimensions are 35.4″W x 63″L x 25.0″H. It can carry up to 130 gallons of water, which is about 40% larger than some competitor’s standard tub size!

4) Super Strong Construction

Experience the durability of this inflatable tub made with the same sturdy material as a stand-up paddle board or commercial boat. Despite its portability, it is rock-solid when inflated and can support an adult male sitting on the side without any sag. Don’t let its inflatable nature fool you, this one is built to last.

5) looks Great

The Edge Tub Elite XL
This tub is only 28 lbs when deflated

The Edge Tub Elite XL boasts an impressive combination of stylish design and practical usability. Its sleek appearance makes it a perfect fit for any modern setting while being incredibly functional.

6) Multi-Step Filtration System

Clean water

Maintaining this tub just got easier thanks to the built-in 2-step water filtration system and non-chlorine-based sanitizer. With a 20-micron filter, all foreign contaminants are removed before the water enters the unit, while a high-flow pump circulates the water every 15 minutes.

All you need to do is add Oxidizer, test the Sanitizer level weekly, and replace the filter once a month (depending on usage). Best of all, they include a 4-month maintenance kit (with four filters, a bottle of Oxidizer, and a bottle of Sanitizer) with your hot tub purchase. Keeping your cold plunge tub clean and fresh has never been easier!

7) Control Everything With an App

Take full control of your Chiller with just a few taps on your smartphone thanks to its WiFi connectivity.

Customize your tub’s programming to turn on and off at precise pre-set times. Not to mention, turn the heat up or down to match your mood, starting your day with a refreshing cold plunge and ending it with a relaxing hot tub session.

It’s the ultimate way to wind down after a big race or a long day.

The Edge Tub Pricing

$4,490- Tub and Chiller/Heater
(Special for iRace – Get $150 off your Edge Tub purchase with code: IRACE).

The Edge Tub Pros and Cons

Let’s list out the Pros and Cons in order to see the full product scope.

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub Elite XL Pros

  • Portability is the biggest benefit here with easy setup and takedown.
  • Large size
  • Powerful chiller unit motor cools or heats water quickly.
  • Awesome filtration system. No chlorine odor.
  • Wifi-enabled to remotely control the unit.
  • Comes with a insulated lid with child safety feature snaps.
  • 1-year warranty on tub and chiller.
  • The cost for this XL-sized tub is extremely competitive with other company’s standard-sized tubs. And the motor is the most powerful that we’ve found. This is a great value.
The Edge Tub Elite XL

Convenient, versatile, and ready for any climate, the Edge Tub Elite XL is the ultimate solution for athletes who need to recover fast, no matter where their workout takes them. With its lightweight design and ability to keep your post-workout soak hot or cool, the Edge Tub Elite XL is the perfect companion for anyone who demands the best in their training routine.

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub Elite XL Cons

  • The chiller motor is heavier than others at 78 pounds. It does have wheels, but if you need to lift this into your car, it may require two people.
  • The tub requires more water to fill due to its size, and is heavier because of this. This may limit the locations you can put it.
  • The white exterior may show signs of use depending on the environment used.

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub Elite XL Alternatives

Discover your perfect cold plunge tub model by reading our comprehensive reviews and alternative cold plunge tub options listed here.

If you prefer constructing your own ice barrel or cold plunge pool using a plastic trash can and ice, or repurposing a chest freezer, understand that there are risks. Also, it’s important to note that while these DIY solutions can work, they lack the portability, water sanitation, and filtration solutions offered by the Edge Cold Tub Elite XL.

Make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of ice bathing.

Conclusion: Should You Buy The Edge Cold Plunge Tub Elite XL?

The Edge Cold Plunge Tub Elite XL is the ultimate choice for those seeking a quick and effortless way to take cold plunges. It takes only minutes to set up and is completely portable, allowing you to bring it along on your adventures.

An example is someone running a bucket list marathon. They will probably want a cold plunge before and after race day, and this product gives them that freedom.

Athletes who frequently travel to races and need to recover quickly from intense workouts will find this tub to be a game-changer. A cold plunge or hot tub soaking is possible with this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Edge Tub be used in a commercial setting?

Yes, the Edge Tub can be used in a commercial setting. The chilling motor is a commercial-grade 1HP model that can easily handle repeated use. The company does offer a multiple-unit bundle for a discounted price as well. If you intend to use it in a commercial setting, you’ll need to purchase the “commercial package” in order to qualify for the commercial warranty.

How sturdy is The Edge Tub?

It feels rock hard once inflated to the desired pressure. You could sit on the edge without it compressing.

Is Edge Theory Labs better than the cold plunge?

Both are excellent cold plunge options. However, Edge Theory Labs products are portable, making them the preferred choice for many who wish to take their tubs to races and other events.

How long can I leave water in portable ice bath?

With proper water filtration, you can leave the water in a portable tub for many months. However, if the water is not filtered, it is recommended to change the water every week or sooner.

How often do you change the water in a cold plunge?

With proper water filtration, you can leave the water in a portable tub for many months. However, if the water is not filtered, it is recommended to change the water every week or sooner.

What is an edge tub?

Edge Theory Labs is the maker of the Edge Tub products. These products are specifically made for cold plunging or ice baths and are all portable.

Why is cold plunging so popular?

Cold plunging is popular because it can provide several benefits such as reducing inflammation, improving muscle recovery, boosting circulation, reducing dry skin, and increasing energy levels.


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