Cold Plunge – Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath Review (2024)

Warrior Willpower large ice bath review

I’m addicted to cold plunging. I love the rush it brings to my body every time I take an ice bath.

So when we heard that the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath touts a recovery boost for athletes and fitness buffs, we knew we had to test it out.

As an experienced endurance athlete with a thorough understanding of the benefits of ice baths, I wanted to see how this new large cold plunge tub from Warrior Willpower compared to others that I’ve tried.

So we decided to put the ice bath to the ultimate test, assessing its ability to meet the high expectations that come with its bold claims. We are using the combined experiences of experienced cold plungers as well as first-time cold plungers to get a well-rounded review of this tub.

Sit tight as we dissect the Warrior Willpower experience, from setup to construction to daily usage.

Warrior Willpower logo

Our Take

We love the portability aspect of this inflatable cold plunge tub. It took 11 minutes to completely set up and didn’t lose air even after two weeks of sitting outside on the back deck.

The lid seems slightly longer than the tub, but it didn’t seem to affect the insulation of the product. We used ice to cool the water, and with the lid on, the water temperature was still extremely cold (less than 5 degrees loss) the next day.

The construction of the tubs and especially the seams were all high quality and equal to what we’ve seen on many more expensive tubs.

4.85 out of 5
Best ForAthletes. People who travel.
Price$850 with free shipping to the US and Canada
DiscountUse code “IRACEAI” for a $100 discount

Quick Takeaways

  • The Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath boasts an easy setup, high-quality materials for durability, and features such as an insulated locking lid, appealing to athletes looking for an immersive cold therapy experience.
  • The Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath benefits in physical recovery and user-friendly design making it a potentially valuable investment for those dedicated to fitness, despite a selling price of $899 (plus available discounts).
  • This tub easily fits one marathon runner who is 6’4″, and 215 pounds.
  • The Warrior Willpower 1HP chiller (not tested here but available for an additional price) can efficiently cool water down to 39°F and heat up to 104°F, negating the need for ice

Introducing the Warrior Willpower Large Cold Plunge Tub

The Warrior Willpower Full Size Ice Bath is specifically designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming to enhance their recovery. It claims to offer an immersive cold therapy experience, providing a host of potential benefits.

Warrior Willpower large ice bath tub and lid

One of the claims by the company is that this new larger tub will fit a person up to 6’9”.

All ice baths claim to speed up physical recovery, elevate mood, and even contribute to increased metabolism through cold plunge therapy. But the true value of this tub is that it’s completely portable. You can take it with you to races or vacations or wherever you want.

We received the tub quite quickly. We’re based in the central United States and received the order within a week.

Setting Up Your Warrior Willpower Tub

Warrior Willpower large ice bath lid being inflated
Long-distance runner and marathoner Theodore set up the entire system in about 10 minutes

A larger tub meant we needed a larger tester. We brought in local musician and avid marathon runner, Theodore – 6’4″ and 215 pounds – to see how easy he could set up the Warrior Willpower cold plunge tub. We also wanted to see how comfortable he was while in the tub. This was his first experience cold plunging so we pointed to the box and started the timer.

He went from unboxing to ready to add water in about 11 minutes. Theodore did this unassisted, and I’d expect future setups would be even quicker.

What’s Included In the Box

  • Insulated cold plunge tub
  • Insulated lid
  • Double-action hand pump
  • Carrying backpack
  • Repair kit

The installation process required no complicated tools, which is definitely a plus. You won’t have to carry anything extra when traveling with the tub.

We did notice that the pump gauge did not seem to register the pressure correctly. We were worried about over-inflating the tub so we stopped when the tub was significantly hard to the touch, which seemed fine.

I reached out to the Warrior Willpower customer service and they said they’d send us a new pump immediately, so that’s cool.

The Construction of the Tub

The shape of the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath is a fairly standard oval shape. It’s longer than some other tubs (by over 9 inches) we’ve seen, which is nice when you want to extend your legs a bit.

Dimensions For The Tub and Lid

  • Length: 60 inches
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Height: 26 inches
Warrior Willpower large ice bath with lid on top
That’s a pretty cool logo

The lid overhands the tub slightly by half an inch or so. It looks a little off but this may be by design for better insulation when on the tub.

Material Quality and Durability

Warrior Willpower large ice bath chilling motor ports
Comes with chilling motor ports for easy hookup

The Warrior Willpower Ice Bath is made of drop stitch construction, and everything seemed to be high quality. We inspected every seam and nothing looked like it was anything be a quality constructed tub.

Especially around the chilling motor ports the seams were perfect. If you purchase the optional chiller, the chilling motor ports allow for quick and easy hookup.

Overall the structure was very sturdy and durable, and we didn’t find any issues.

We left the tub outside for a week and it did not lose any air during that time.

NOTE – Don’t forget that this is an inflatable and PORTABLE rubber cold plunge tub. While it can remain outside for lengthy periods, I think that nature can and will do some damage over time. If you leave it outside in direct sunlight for a year, don’t be surprised if it experiences fading and other UV damage.

User-Friendly Features

This price is aggressively priced, so we were expecting to see sacrifices in design quality and features. However, we couldn’t really find any. The tub and lid include ample insulation for maintaining the water temperature along with quality construction.

The insulated lid/cover has large squeeze buckles that help keep debris and small children out. As mentioned previously, It also comes with installed ports to quickly connect a chilling motor. These ports also double as a drainage holes for emptying the tub.

Putting the Warrior Willpower to the Test

Warrior Willpower large ice bath filled with water
Filling up the tub took longer than the setup

Cold water therapy and cold plunges are a known beneficial recovery tool, that can enhance physical recovery, mood, and energy levels. But you need to be completely submerged up to your neck to realize the full benefits.

We were anxious to see how easily a larger athlete fit in the Warrior Willpower Full Size Ice Bath and how comfortable he’d be.

Comfort and Accessibility

Man soaking in a Warrior Willpower large ice bath
Theodore is 6’4″, and 215 pounds and fits easily in the tub

Our resident musician and marathoner – Theodore – hopped into the tub before we could stop him. His 6’4″ size made him the perfect tester, and he had ample space to sit. The tub is 60 inches long, which is nearly 9 inches longer than some other tubs.

The height of the tub – 26 inches – allows you to easily step into the tub but still allows your shoulders to be fully submerged when sitting.

The strength of the tub is really good. There was no “bowing” of the walls after it was filled with nearly 100 gallons of water. We could sit on top of the tub without any sag in the walls.

We did notice that the black color may show water grime more easily if you don’t cycle the water every few days (oops!). You could use water treatment chemicals (yuck) or just not leave water sitting stagnant in the tub for extended periods. Or better yet, get the optional chilling motor.

Optional Chilling Motor

Warrior Max chiller for cold plunge

While it wasn’t included in this particular test, the optional Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath chiller motor is an awesome add-on if you like clean water and consistently cold temperatures. This is an ideal feature for those interested in a portable cold plunge experience.

It can cool water down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit and heat it up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit to transition into a hot tub as well. The temperature control features are awesome, allowing you to adjust the temperature to whatever comfort level you want for an optimal cold plunge experience.

The best part is that you’ll never need ice again. Plus, it’s Wi-Fi enabled and app-controllable so you can have the water ice cold whenever you desire all through the interface on your phone.

The chiller also cleans the water via its multi-step filtration system, reducing the frequency of water changes and maintenance. Click here for more information.

The Final Verdict on the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath

Man soaking in a Warrior Willpower large ice bath giving the thumbs up

Is the tub a quality product? Will it last a long time? Is it competitively priced? Yes to all of these.

When compared to other products in the market, the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath stands out for having all the features that more expensive tubs have, at a reduced price point.

The Warrior Willpower Full Size Ice Bath sells for $899, and they’ve extended a special discount code (“IRACEAI”) to us to reduce this cost by an extra $100. This is an aggressive price for such a quality product.

At $899, it’s not a small investment, but I love cold plunging, and most people who start seem to feel the same. It’s a worthwhile purchase for those committed to their fitness goals.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and user-friendly cold plunge tub, the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath could be a solid choice. This cold tub experience is excellent, positioning the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath as a great choice for athletes seeking the best in cold tub therapy.


  • Price
  • Free shipping
  • Totally portable
  • Well-insulated
  • Larger size
  • Ready for chilling motor


  • Dark material may show water stains easier
  • Best not to leave in direct sunlight for lengthy periods to avoid UV damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to set up the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath?

Setting up the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath is quick and easy, typically taking about 10 minutes with no need for additional tools.

What materials are used in the construction of the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath?

The Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath uses high-quality drop-stitch construction. The materials are the same that are used in inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards and boats.

What is the cost of the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath?

The cost of the Warrior Willpower Large Ice Bath is $850, but customers can use a discount code IRACEAI to reduce this cost by $100.

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