Spartan Ice Bath PRO Tub Review

Spartan PRO ice bath

If you want to expedite recovery and boost performance, consider cold plunge therapy. The Spartan Ice Bath Pro cold plunge tub is built exactly for this purpose and is one of the emerging portable cold tubs built specifically for active people.

But is this one of the best cold plunge tub options?

This review evaluates the practicality, durability, and effectiveness of the Spartan Ice Bath Pro cold plunge tub and using it for athletic recovery. Are you ready to find out if it stands up to the test?


  • Cold plunging and cold therapy have become very popular for mental health and overall well-being.
  • The Spartan Pro Ice Bath is slightly larger than many “standard-size” inflatable cold plunge tubs.
  • Inflation and deflation are quick and easy.
  • The Spartan Pro Ice Bath is aggressively priced, and with a discount code is one of the lowest in the industry.

The Spartan Pro Ice Bath Experience

The Spartan Pro Ice Bath inflatable tub, according to its creators, is not merely a cold plunge tub, but one of the best cold plunge tubs engineered for optimal recovery.

With various cold plunge tubs available, ice baths and cold water immersion are known for their positive effects on muscle recovery and performance enhancement. The Spartan PRO ice bath tub, also known as a cold plunge tub, harnesses these benefits and offers athletes a portable method of cold water therapy.

Let’s look into every aspect of the Spartan Pro Ice Bath, including its design, durability, and price.


$899.00 + free shipping in US and Canada

Coupon Code – Get $100 additional off with coupon code “IRACEAI”

Unboxing the Spartan Ice Bath Pro Tub

The Spartan Pro Ice Bath features an ultra-simple inflate-and-fill design that requires no tools and takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes to set up. This is similar to other inflatable tubs and allows users to quickly begin their recovery rather than struggling with complex assembly instructions.

NOTE – we did not hook up a chilling motor to this tub, but we have the leading chilling motors reviewed if you need one.

What’s In the Box

  • Spartan ice bath PRO tub
  • Insulated inflatable lid
  • Double action floor pump – inflates and deflates
  • Carrying bag/backpack
  • Repair kit


  • Material: High-quality, drop stitch insulated material
  • Dimensions: Length 60” x Width 31” x Height 26”
  • Capacity: 120 gallons
  • Tub Weight (Empty): 15 lbs
  • Backpack Full Weight: 30 lbs

Setup Time

Inflating the Spartan Ice Bath Pro Tub

Ok, there were no instructions in the box, but the setup is kind of a no-brainer. You unfold the tub and insulated cover / lid, inflate it with the pump, and add water with a garden hose.

Inflation took 3 minutes for the tub. The insulated lid took less than 1 minute to fully inflate.

The floor pump is extremely effective. It’s double-action so it inflates when pushing down and pulling up. The gauge on the pump seemed a little off to me (seemed to register low), so I relied on the firmness of the tub to not overinflate it. This worked fine.

Spartan Ice Bath Pro Tub pump

Size and Appearance

  • Length: 60 inches
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Height: 26 inches
Spartan Ice Bath Pro dimensions

You’ll step into this tub (no ladder or step required) and it’s plenty deep and long enough to lay completely submerged up to your neck.

I found that the Spartan Pro Ice Bath is slightly larger than most standard-sized portable tubs. It’s longer than most of them by a few inches.

The insulated lid has four quick locks on it to keep debris out and the lid on when not in use. I like it because it will help safeguard small children from getting in.

The tub is completely black with a white Spartan Willpower logo on the side and lid. Spartan does offer a white tub as well, if that color is preferred.


It’s constructed using high-quality, drop-stitch material. The seams were all professionally sealed, and none of them seemed to be glued in a way that made me think that they would fail at any point. In short, it felt like a quality tub.

Kneeling on the Spartan Ice Bath Pro tub.
I kneeled on the Spartan Pro Ice Bath and it felt rock solid.

When I filled it with water, there was no side bulging. It passed all my quality control checks.

Putting the Spartan to the Test

The moment has come to evaluate the Spartan Pro Ice Bath. Is it able to maintain stable temperatures? Does it live up to its durability claims? And what about its comfort and spaciousness?

Spartan Ice Bath PRO Review
I’m 5’10” and had ample room

How Many Pounds of Ice for an Ice Bath?

Spartan does sell a powerful Spartan ice bath water chiller, but we wanted to test this tub with ice.

One or two 20-lb bags are all that’s needed to chill the water down. If the outside temperature is warm (over 70 degrees F), you’ll want multiple bags in your tub.

It was approximately 60 degrees on this day, so a single bag of ice was all that was needed. We got the water temperature down to 46 degrees, which is ideal.

The following day, we took the lid off and found that the water was still near 50 degrees. The tub and insulation lid seem to work.

Comfort and Capacity

The manufacturer states that it can fit up to two people at a time, and while I think this is possible, it would be a bit tight.

I found it plenty spacious enough for just me (I’m 5′ 10″), and I believe it could fit someone much larger with no problems. I had my shoulders completely submerged easily.


1-year warranty replacement guarantee.

30-day return policy after purchase.

Overheard Comments

  • “I love the black color”
  • “Inflates fast”
  • “Rock solid. More stable than I was expecting.”


  • Price
  • Super easy to set up and break down (tub – 3 min inflation time, lid – <1 minute)
  • Quality carrying bag. We got everything including the pump in it.
  • Chiller-ready
  • Locking insulated lid
  • Free shipping


  • No instructions
  • The gauge on the pump didn’t seem accurate

Final Verdict

Portable cold plunge tubs are becoming more popular every day. There are a lot of competitors out there and more entering every day. It’s difficult to differentiate yourself when there are so many options.

The product has a current discounted price of $899, down from $1,400. The “IRACEAI” coupon code will knock another $100 off this price to $799. That is just about the lowest price I’ve seen for a tub this size and of this quality.

The robust materials and heavy-duty construction ensure greater durability than many other inflatable cold plunges on the market, making it a great cold plunge tub for those seeking a reliable ice bath option.

I consider this an awesome outdoor cold plunge tub, and it sets up quickly and is ready in 10 minutes.

Overall, the Spartan Pro Ice Bath is a phenomenal product that offers great potential benefits for athletes and fitness enthusiasts at a low price. I couldn’t find a single thing that made me not like it. It’s good, and the price is great.

We’ll definitely be including this on our best portable cold plunge list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Spartan ice bath good?

Yes, the Spartan ice bath is highly recommended, especially for athletes looking to get into ice baths. It is competitively priced and is constructed as well as many tubs costing 3X as much.

What are the disadvantages of ice baths?

Ice baths can lead to rare side effects such as hypothermia, nerve and skin sensitivity, and cardiac issues if not taken responsibly. Sudden immersion in water under 60 degrees can also shock the body and strain the heart.

How long should I sit in an ice bath?

You should aim for 3 to 5 minutes in an ice bath, two or three times per week. Nearly everyone builds up to this time length incrementally over time.

What is the Spartan Pro Ice Bath?

The Spartan Pro Ice Bath is a cold plunge tub designed to aid in quick recovery post-workout, boost energy, and help reduce stress levels. It is an effective tool for recovery and stress reduction.

How easy is it to assemble the Spartan Pro Ice Bath?

Assembling the Spartan Pro Ice Bath is easy due to its plug-and-play design, requiring no tools for setup. I went from unboxing to full setup in 10 minutes.

Are ice baths really good for you?

Yes, ice baths can provide various benefits for the body including reduced inflammation, pain relief, enhanced circulation and more.

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